and 5 Makes a Tribe | Fresh 48 Documentary Photography Session | Oakland CA


One of the greatest joys is being invited in to shoot the precious hours after a new family member is born. Fresh 48 Sessions are magical; the room buzzes with energy that can never be replicated in another setting.  You are witness to the exponential change as parents, exhausted and overwhelmed, are slowly learning the newest addition and siblings are curious and overjoyed to welcome them. 


Several times I had to stop and take a step back to steep in the room's energy. I could see and feel that this baby was just SO LOVED. Everyone, from Grandma to brother couldn't stop caressing or snuggling her to lull her back to sleep. I left this session in awe of humanity, the way our lives change in an instant and fall back into space rearranged in a new, unpredictable, and beautiful way. 



Many thanks for inviting me in and sharing your joy! I'm still on a high from all the love!