documenting real life

When entering a session my one goal is to make sure that I honor the authenticity of my subjects and document the moments, relationships, and emotions that define them. These images are meant to be an honest representation of your life.

To begin, I must first get to know your family through a questionnaire and a phone conversation to ensure we are creating an experience that will highlight the important memories that you want captured and the personalities of all involved. Together, we will decide upon activities and a location that are important to your family. Before our scheduled time I will email you a session plan that is custom-created to your session. 

I will use the information gathered from our pre-session consultation and our session plan to guide us and keep your shoot as relaxed as possible.  I only shoot in natural light and might step in to ensure that we have the best lighting for your photos. I may suggest actions that would normally happen in order to capture the love that is shared and continue a "flow" for the session. I will not ask you to pose nor will I use props.

Being welcomed into your world to document your family is an honor that I am grateful for. I know that these memories will last a lifetime and be handed down for generations. The photographs I have of my children are priceless, they are the closest to time travel that I have and I revel in the emotions and memories that they bring. With each session, I hope to create another stamp in time for each family I serve.