Kati is a Bay Area transplant from Northern CA. She attended SFSU and graduated with 2 teaching credentials: Multi-Subject and English.

Her photography journey began in high school when she was gifted her first "real" film camera. Her transition to digital photography began in 2008 when her first son was born. It was during this time that her love of natural light and clean, authentic captures began.

Kati's style is documentary; she loves to catch the real and raw emotions that reflect the complexity of families and highlight the love that is shared. It is her hope that within each frame she conveys the small, everyday moments that define both the power and beauty of our humanity.


four fun facts

1. I am the Mama to 2 boys who are 8 years apart.

2. I love working with children and enjoy their inability to filter their emotions. What you get is exactly what you see! Their personalities and authentic selves translate effortlessly and create the most powerful images.

3. After the birth of my second son in 2017, I was diagnosed with PPD. Photography has helped me to cope, create more powerful connections with my community, and ultimately led me to launch my own photography business.

4. "Xilo" comes from my connection to wood- my Druid (ancient Celtic) astrology is the Oak. It's other definition of clarity and perspective speak to my photography style.